Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Video Sketch Two: Learning After Effects and Shooting Styles!

I've been busy at work learning After Effects over the past two days and have gotten just enough experience to give a shot at tracing lines over a car! So far, I've had many conversations discussing the need to develop a way of communicating over video that will translate what goes on in my mind when I look at a Cadillac. I've learned that the project should turn into some film or visual media that will basically help other people "see what I see," and that is a hard thing to communicate. The goal has been to find a way to shoot video of a car that will help an audience experience a car as realistically as possible. Here is a second attempt at this. The quality is rough, but I've already learned a lot from it.

Here's some views of Cody's 2007 CTS:

Cadillac Study Test Two from Mike Herbert on Vimeo.